Whether you are looking for an agent performance platform for your in-house customer service team or a quality assurance solution for your contact centre business – MyQualityTeam can help.

About the platform

MyQualityTeam was founded by CX Strategist, Vanessa Blake. The platform utilises a unique competency-based framework to identify the key drivers of performance and enable managers to make an immediate impact on customer experience.

MyQualityTeam has been developed for use by in-house customer service and sales teams and contact centre businesses, with the flexibility to scale with your business as it grows.

Meet Vannesa Blake

Vanessa Blake is the founder of MyQualityTeam and a multi-award winning Chief Customer
Officer and CX Strategist with decades of experience in the contact centre industry leading change management and digital transformation projects.

It’s free to get started

Start using MyQualityTeam for free with up to 10 licences and experience the difference it can make to agent performance.