MyQualityTeam combines a skills framework with AI speech and text analytics to reveal the strengths of your agents, development areas and how to fix them.

How does it work?

1. The process starts with an AI-enabled assessment of agent performance against attributes selected from our unique skills framework.

Choose from a wide range including compliance, empathy, customer sentiment, cross-sell and ownership.

2. The MyQualityTeam platform overlays our skills criteria, verbal cues and a range of other signals to assess the agent’s performance. Calls, emails, webchat and text messages can be evaluated.

3. User-friendly dashboards show areas of strength, development and progress made over time and individual performance improvement plans are created.
Managers have complete oversight of team performance and can drill down to individual agent assessment results.

4. Real-time actionable feedback is shared with agents for an immediate impact on performance, engaging employees in their development and encouraging self-led learning.

Getting started

Select the package you need from our pricing page, based on the number of seats in your contact centre.

After payment, you’ll select up to 13 competences that you want to evaluate and you’ll receive an email to confirm your account is activated. If you choose the free version we have pre-selected 4 competences to get you started.

Log-in and you’re ready to go!

Our helpdesk is a call or click away to answer any queries or to offer a helping hand.

Get in touch

If you have a question, want to see a demo or talk through your needs in more detail – drop us an email or complete our contact form, and we’ll come straight back to you.