MyQualityTeam combines a skills framework with AI speech and text analytics to reveal the strengths of your agents, development areas and how to fix them.

The queries insurance contact centre agents handle can be varied and complex – they might be supporting a policyholder through a difficult claim or advising a customer on a range of covers to protect their home, possessions, or business.

Managers evaluating agent performance will want to check compliance but also empathy and sentiment – was the customer happier and calmer at the end of the conversation?

MyQualityTeam helps team leaders accurately and quickly identify any problem areas at scale and put corrective action into place immediately.

Audit performance

Measure agent performance against attributes selected from our unique skills framework. Calls, emails, webchat and text messages can be evaluated.

Ensure compliance

AI enabled assessments pick up key words and other signals and evaluate whether the agent has completed essential checks, explained legal requirements and checked the customer’s understanding.

Maximise cross-sell

The platform can assess whether the agent has picked up buying signals and maximised cross and upsell opportunities by asking open questions about the customer’s needs and current product/ service usage.

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